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Outdoor lightling

Light source type
RENDL outdoor lamp CAMARGUE wall silver grey satinated glass 230V LED 6W IP65 3000K R13527 1
RENDL outdoor lamp CLOUD outdoor satinchromeated PE 230V E27 2x15W IP44 R10370 1
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EUR 188,-


RENDL outdoor lamp BOSANNA 150 floor anthracite grey satinchromeated PE 230V E27 25W IP65 R12421 1
RENDL surface mounted lamp MARC surface mounted aluminum 230V GX53 9W IP54 R10126 1
RENDL surface mounted lamp MOU surface mounted aluminum 230V GX53 9W IP54 R10127 1
RENDL outdoor lamp SONET 450 bollard anthracite grey 230V LED 7W 55° IP54 3000K R11171 1
EUR 150,-


RENDL surface mounted lamp MARC SQ surface mounted aluminum 230V GX53 9W IP54 R10128 1
RENDL surface mounted lamp DEZA square aluminum/satinated glass 230V G9 25W IP54 R10166 1
RENDL recessed light AZTECA matt white 230V LED 9.3W 48° IP44 3000K R12910 1

In the exterior we shine differently

Rendl offers solutions not only for your interior lighting, but you can also find a complete range of exterior lighting in our catalog and in the showrooms. Customers should not underestimate these lights. Outdoor lighting completes the atmosphere of contemporary garden designs, and also the appearance of the house or terrace as well as trees and flowers. In addition, gardens and terraces often come to life in the evening when people return home from work or take time to spend time together with family and friends, in the evening sitting on the terrace. Outdoor lighting is not only for orientation or for decoration, but also works as a safety feature. The exterior lights are available in various designs and for different uses; as wall-mounted for house facades and fences, as pendants, portable or recessed for selected areas in the garden, pool or around the house. The most popular light source is modern and ecological LED lighting. Outdoor lights can then provide direct and indirect lighting, and thus function as orientation or decorative lighting.

The range of Rendl exterior lights is wide and will suit most tastes. Outdoor lighting must be protected in a humid environment and against mechanical damage, similar to bathroom lighting. It is marked in the same way, ie IP. “The range of exterior protection ranges from IP44 to IP68, a value suitable for continuous immersion in ponds or swimming pools,” explains Rendl expert Robert Švejkar. According to him, the Rendl outdoor wall lamps with an adjustable light beam are very popular. Thanks to this, the light can shine up and/or down the facade. The current trend is a technical design and shades of gray. Robert Svejkar adds that the design of some Rendl lights is sophisticated enough for customers to not hesitate using them indoors. "It is also practical, nothing prevents them from being used indoors," he adds. The choice of lighting design depends on everyone's taste, but of course it should also correspond with the style of the house and garden. Minimalism is currently the basic trend. Even the most demanding customer can choose from a wide range of Rendl products.