Light source type

Hallway lights

The hallway is the gateway to each apartment and needs to be well lit. In this space, it is also worth thinking in advance about the location of the switch so that we do not have to go anywhere in the dark.

In addition, lighting in the hallway needs special attention if a staircase is included. For safety reasons, staircase lighting needs to be given close consideration. For example, staircases can accommodate increasingly popular and practical LED strips that evenly illuminate large areas.
However, the basis of corridor lighting is mainly wall-mounted or ceiling lights, which are often recessed. Rendl has a wide choice of recessed lights, which are available in two basic versions: either fixed or tilting. For tilting lamps, the angle of illumination can be directed to illuminate a specific location, such as a wardrobe in a hallway. Fixed lights shine downwards and serve mostly as the main source of light in a room.

As for the category of wall lamps, plaster light fixtures are a popular part of the Rendl range. Customers can fine-tune the interior by using the same wall paint on the fixture, to create an unobtrusive look, as if the light fixture is invisible.
However, repainting is recommended even if the customer has white walls: each white color is different. The plaster lights blend in perfectly with the wall, creating an unobtrusive element throughout the interior and an interesting aesthetic effect to illuminate your hallway.