Light source type

Bedroom lighting

The bedroom is our quiet haven, a place for relaxation and rest. Properly selected lights can further underline the atmosphere of the room.

In general, it is recommended to choose lights with warm light and less brightness in the bedroom. Customers should pay attention to the color of the light, especially if there is a large wardrobe in the bedroom. The color could distort the color of the clothing.
But let's go through the bedroom lighting in sequence. Of course, the basis is a central ceiling light, which can be both ceiling mounted or a pendent light. Rendl offers many different options for pendents. Customers can choose from modern design, various subtle lamps or romantic crocheted lampshades. Trends are shades of natural materials such as rattan, bast or wicker, or wood, but also knitted from textiles. There are no limits other than your imagination.

In smaller rooms, however, customers are recommended to install lightswith care as they add optically to the room. In this respect, even the most demanding customer can choose from Rendl, and either choose an inconspicuous classic desigh or a lamp that will dominate the room.

A sought-after product for the bedroom is the night light, which will guide you in the right direction but will not dazzle you.

An integral part of the bedroom lighting is a reading lamp. Both desk lamps and floor lamps can perform this function. Alternatively, a floor lamp with a built-in adjustable reading lamp, a combination of both. The lamp should not be dazzling and should have a light beam that can be directed directly at the reading material. This will ensure that you will not interfere with your partner's sleep. Lights with a dimmer are suitable for this purpose, where you can set the light intensity yourself. In the bedroom you can also choose additional lighting, such as a lamp on the dressing table or desk, or in the wardrobe. All of them can be harmonized to the last detail - with Rendl collections, so that your bedroom looks coherent and clean and your bedroom lighting underlines the overall atmosphere of the room. The experts at Rendl will be happy to advise you.