Frequently asked questions

Where are your products produced?

Our products are produced in part in China and in part in Europe. We strive to work as efficiently as possible with our suppliers so that we may offer the best prices and the fastest deliveries to our customers.

How long is the warranty on your products?

All our products are certified and have a warranty of 2 years. Keep in mind that the warranty may vary for light sources. Halogen lamps have no warranty, and LEDs often come with an extended warranty by the manufacturer.

Who are Rendl Lightstudio?

Since 1990, Rendl Light Studio has been providing high quality lighting solutions. We are a company that is constantly innovating to offer best service, highest quality products and unique designs. Our company has a wide know-how when it comes to lighting and can therefore offer our customers the best solutions. We are the ideal partner for anyone who is looking for interior or exterior lighting, for apartments or private homes, as well as commercial or industrial lighting.

How often do you release new products?

Both lighting technology and design develop very fast, so we are constantly releasing new products to match these demands. With every new catalog we put out, we usually add hundreds of new products.

How fast do you deliver?

If everything is on stock (and it usually is), the order gets shipped immediately after payment is received or confirmed. Shipments are then delivered by your choice of a select number of delivery companies, and arrive to you in around 1-6 days depending on your location. There is no minimum order quantity, but we do however charge a small handling fee for small orders. You also have the option to ship directly to your customers (so called drop-shipping).

Why should I choose you as my supplier?

We offer high quality lighting solutions at reasonable prices, with innovative combinations and modern designs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will try to help you find solutions and tailor your products to your needs.

How do you handle claims?

The average rate of complaints is about 1% per year. Most often we resolve the claim immediately by refund, credit note, replacement or repair, depending on your choice. Complaints are handled at our store, so the customer must send the products to the showroom along with the purchase receipt. Shipping costs are covered by the customer. It may take up to 30 days for the claim to be processed upon receipt of the goods requested and proof of purchase. Once the complaint is resolved, we ship the products to the customer at our own expense.

Lighting calculations and project assistance free of charge

We will prepare the complete project documents necessary for the proper approval of the entire project by all participating authorities. We calculate illuminance, luminosity, luminous flux, color rendering, lumens, lux, chromaticity temperature, glare factor, power factor, uniformity. - calculation of artificial lighting in interior and exterior according to regular quality standards - calculation of emergency lighting - calculation of the glare factor UGR / GR - calculation of daylight according to regular quality standards - simple 2D / 3D visualization of space If the order is realized with our light fixtures, the whole service will be free of charge. Otherwise, the customer pays a predetermined project fee.

Where can I find the product data sheet?

You can download the product sheet for each items, directly from our web site, when selecting the item in question.

Deliveries to Asia and America?

We can ship outside of the EU, but the shipping costs need to be calculated for each individual order, and that includes custom fees.

Stock availability

Most of our products are in stock and ready for immediate shipping. More precise and live information can be seen directly via the web site.

UPS deliveries.

We ship the products from our central warehouse in Prague via the UPS shipping service to the delivery address you supply us with, for each order. The actual transfer is handled by UPS and are therefor subject to their terms, beyond our control and responsibility.

Is it possible to get a discount for large orders?

We constantly work on providing the best price for the level of quality we provide, however there is always the possibility of getting a discount for larger orders. We can offer 5% for orders of 2000 EUR and 10% for orders of 4000 EUR. Wholesale customers have other discount conditions, so if you choose to buy directly from them, you should contact them to find out what discounts you can get.

Are the prices in the catalog partner prices?

In the catalog all prices are retail prices incl VAT. The wholesale price can be calculated as follows: deduct VAT from the web/catalog/pricelist prices, and then apply your wholesaler discount. Follow this order of deduction to get the correct price for you. To be invoiced without VAT we need a valid VAT number from you (this doesn't apply to Czech and Swedish registered companies). If we don't have a valid VAT from you, you will be charged Czech or Swedish VAT, based on your location.

How many types of catalog do you have?

We have one catalog covering our entire assortment.

How do you deal with recycling charges?

Recycling charges are mandatory in the whole of the EU. Each state has its own specific rules; in the Czech Republic and Sweden we pay the charges, but in case of exports to other EU countries, the customer pays the charge.

Product warranty?

Our standard warranty is 2 years. We can offer longer warranty for certain projects and orders, but then the prices are subject to change. You can contact us in these cases and we can offer you a price depending on the range of products and quantities you require.

Claims / Returns

Claims are handled a bit differently from country to country. However we usually have a return address in each of the countries we are active in.

Payment methods.

We offer two types of payments - Bank transfer or credit card. The customer can pay directly when they are placing their order, or by a pay-link sent to them afterwards. We have local bank accounts in some countries, but usually this is not required, since most banks have the same conditions for EU payments, as for local payments. The benefit of card payments is that there is no delay at all, and the order can get shipped if placed before 15:00 CET.

Minimum order quantity / Handling fees for small orders.

There is no minimum order quantity. However, since we are a wholesale company, we do take out a handling fee for small orders, which is different for each country: BG - under 300 BGN fee of 30 BGN ČR - under 3000 Kč fee of 300 Kč EU - under 120 EUR fee of 12 EUR DK - under 800 DKK fee of 80 DKK HR - under 1000 HRK fee of 100 HRK HU - under 30 000 HUF fee of 3 000 HUF CH - under 200 CHF fee of 20 CHF PL - under 500 PLN fee of 50 PLN RO - under 600 RON fee of 60 RON SE - under 800 SEK fee of 100 SEK UK - under 100 GBP fee of 10 GBP

Catalogue delivery if close vicinity to the showroom.

We do not have other means of delivery if you are situated close to our showroom, we ship the catalogues the same way, regardless of destination.

Will the catalogue be delivered with some general information about terms and conditions?

Yes, the catalogue will be accompanied by a letter detailing basic information about us, such as delivery times, freight, discounts, etc.

Why do you send proforma invoiced? Is it possible to get an invoice instead of a proforma?

We do not (except in a few very special cases) send invoices after delivery to customers. We offer same day expedition when customers pay the proforma invoice or by card, so there is virtually no delay. The customer can receive a pay link which makes proforma payments even faster.

How do I send a PDF catalogue to a customer?

FM - contacts - blue envelope above the e-mail address - A blue pop-up window will appear - To the right and up you then have to click on "new customer info".

Can a customer return goods, and can he get money back?

How long is the warranty on your products?

All our products are certified and have a warranty of 2 years. Keep in mind that the warranty may vary for light sources. Halogen lamps have no warranty, and LEDs often come with an extended warranty by the manufacturer.

exclusivity agreement

we do not offer it on any market

What is the difference between red 50% and green 30% ?

The Green assortment is a general merchandise where the price is decisive.The calculation is built in such a way that both we as a supplier and the wholesale customer, give up our margins and achieve a very good market price for the end customer.

Sample product

There are two ways to send luminaire samples 1) for the showroom 2) for large orders Pro Showroom - 70% discount - 1 piece - 1 type For Large Orders - The discount is double x% customer discount x% discount on a large order (discounts are set individually)

Call Status in FM

Blocked - do not call a phone number is unavailable for a long time Wait - the number has been called - please do not call now

3D image formats can be used in CAD?

The pictures are in the format:3D object; JPG; 3DM; 3DS; DWG CAD support: DWG, 3ds

Why do wholesale and retail customers have different handling fees in some markets?

We have to respond to the situation on the internet market. The retail handling fees do not cover the costs of handling, but are compensated by a higher margin.The wholesale customer buys at very favourable wholesale prices and there is no margin to subsidise the costs of small limit orders. Let us remember, that we offer free shipping throughout Europe!

Price list?

Price lists in each language and all currencies can be downloaded on each web version from download section.