Frequently asked questions

What is the origin of your products?

Our products are produced partly in Chine and partly in Europe. We strive to work efficiently with our suppliers so that we can offer the best prices and prompt delivery to our customers.

What is the warranty of your products?

All our products are certified and the warranty period is 2 years. Keep in mind that the warranty varies for each light source. Halogen lamps have no warranty, and LEDs often have extended manufacturer warranty.

What is Rendl Light Studio?

Since 1990, Rendl Light Studio has been providing high quality lighting solutions. We are a constantly innovative company offering excellent service, high quality products and unique design. Our company is based on a wide knowledge of lighting and the ability to understand customer needs and desires. We are the perfect partner for you if you are looking for interior or exterior lighting in your apartment or home, as well as commercial and industrial lighting.

How often do you release new products?

Lighting technology and design are developing very fast, so we are constantly releasing new products. With each new catalog, we usually add hundreds of new products.

How fast do you deliver your products?

Orders are shipped immediately (if in stock) once a payment is credited to our account. Shipments are delivered by UPS within 2-4 business days to your address or your customer's address on your behalf. The package was sent by you to your customer. No minimum order required, and delivery is FREE for orders over 120 euro, otherwise a 12 euro charge.

Why should I prefer you?

We offer high quality lighting solutions at reasonable prices, with innovative combinations and modern designs. Feel free to contact if you have any questions. We will try to help you find solutions and tailor your products to your needs.

How do you handle any complaints and replacement requests?

The average rate of complaints is about 1% per year. We resolve the claim immediately by refund, credit note, replacement or repair. Complaints are handled at our store, so the customer must send the products to the showroom along with the purchase receipt. Shipping costs are covered by the customer. It may take up to 30 days for the claim to be processed upon receipt of the goods requested and proof of purchase. Once the complaint is resolved, we ship the products to the customer at our own expense.

Why don't you offer design calculations?

We can, if and if you have a design with the dimensions of a particular space, suggest lighting depending on its functionality and design.

Where can I find a product data sheet?

There is a downloadable version for each product in our online store.

Can you help with projects?

We can't help you with individual projects, but we can support you. For example, we can help you choose the right lights and their placement according to your project.

Why aren't you active in Asia Minor and America?

We can, but the shipping cost has to be recalculated and the customer has to pay all the shipping costs, including customs fees.


Most of our products are in stock and ready for immediate shipping.

Shipment details with UPS

We ship the products from our central warehouse in Prague via the UPS shipping service to the delivery address you gave us on your order. Conditions of carriage to the destination are beyond our control and responsibility. Under shipping regulations, the UPS courier delivers the shipment to a person at a specified address.

Do you make discounts for large orders?

Yes, it is possible to get a discount. As a retailer, you receive a 5% discount on purchases of over 2000 euro and a 10% discount on orders over 4000 euro. Wholesalers have set their discounts as agreed with our sales agents. Contact them for more information.