Light source type
Floor lamps are functional interior accessories and decorations.

Floor lamps shine on a defined area, they are an ideal choice for lighting and comfort in those places of the interior where the light from a conventional ceiling light is no longer sufficient.

Floor lamps allow for original designs, unusual materials, shapes and sizes.
Choose an original piece that fits perfectly into the style of the room and brightens the overall look of your interior. The floor lamp is not only a functional light source, but also an imaginative design element and an important part of both modern and classic interiors.

In our assortment you will find floor lamps in a clean design with simple shapes from traditional materials such as metal, glass or wood. The shades are either a part of the light or you can buy them separately, you can choose from a large selection of textile cylinders made of natural materials - cotton, flax, silk or polyester.
The stands are supplemented with a power cable with dimmer or switch, there are also retro models with textile cables.