Light source type
How to choose a table lamp correctly?

Table or floor lamps - suitable wherever we want to create a more intimate space.

Here, designers have the greatest opportunity to unleash their ideas:
colored plastic or glass table lamps, natural materials such as wood and wicker, paper lamps, cutouts, plastic or textile structures, but always in the style of your home and furnishings.
In addition to harmonizing with the furnishings of the apartment, we must also consider how much light each lamp gives us.
If we want to read or learn in the evening we cannot choose a decorative lamp with a black shade.

Desk lamps can be divided into practical work lamps and additional interior lamps.

Indoor table lamps create an intimate atmosphere, for example in the bedroom or by settees in a lobby or living room.
The intensity of light and color are important factors that give rise to subjective impressions and feelings.
Light can be used to model space, and even the colors used in the interior can be dimmed, accentuated or altered using light: white walls, chrome, stainless steel and painted surfaces reflect up to 80% of the light that comes on them.
On the other hand, matt or dark areas absorb light. Here we can use our creativity or put ourselves in the hands of the architect.

In the case of a work lamp, on the other hand, we strongly prefer its purpose - ie. to illuminate the desk well.

What a good work lamp should have:

Swivel shade, set as needed.
Jointed arms, thanks to which the height of the light can be freely adjusted above the surface.
Light intensity switch. A suitable light source built into the shade so that it does not extend beyond the edge and therefore does not dazzle when in use.