Light source type
RENDL 3-circuit track system FOCUS 12 DIMM for 3-circuit tracks white 230V LED 12W 10 60° 3000K 4000K 5000K R13882 1
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RENDL 3-circuit track system FAX E27 for 3-circuit tracks black 230V LED E27 15W R13537 1
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EUR 32,-


Track lighting systems

- we use it especially in commercial premises where we need to illuminate the exhibited goods ideally.
Their great advantage is their flexibility, they can be used in any professional interior.
With lighting systems you can illuminate offices, boutiques, showrooms, cafes or car showrooms.

The track system is practical for all purposes. It can be mounte in the ceiling and suspended on different cable lengths. The track system is available in three basic colors: black, white or silver grey. Individual components are available in three basic dimensions: one, two or three meters.
“However, this is not the final component, as everything can be adjusted, extended or cut. The track system is easily customizable to the customer”, explains Rendl's technical expert, willing to advise everyone: "Shortening the track system to size is simple, individual parts can be cut with an ordinary hacksaw and every electrician can do it."

Commercial spaces primarily use so-called "three-circuit tracks", where you can control its lights with up to three switches. It does not have to shine all at once, but it is possible to choose just those lights that you want lit.
While the 1-circuit track is all on or off at the same time with a single flick, the 3-circuit track can be flexibly and creatively used in spaces to illuminate the places or objects that are needed.
At Rendl, we use Eutrac track systems and offer a wide range of different spotlights that can be moved along the track. Individual spotlights can be added, removed, the direction and intensity of the lights can be changed, or the different lights can be switched on when the situation requires. You simply put the light on the bar, click and light!

We offer track lights in various designs and state-of-the-art design: pendants, reflectors, wide angle, sharp angle.
Exactly so that your commercial space is not only beautifully lit, but also meets the most demanding aesthetic requirements.