Light source type
Spotlights illuminate what you want them to!

Spotlights are often installed on stairs, in corridors and dressing rooms, where we make best use of their sharp, narrow and directable light beam. Spotlights are also used to illuminate the details of paintings or sculptures. Here, as with ceiling lamps, energy saving plays a major role. It is therefore smart to choose new generations of LEDs that are the most economical, an alternative are spotlights with slightly less energy-saving halogen sources.

Recessed spotlights are suitable wherever there is a possibility to integrate the light fixture into something. For example cabinets, shelves, stairs or ceilings. The shape of the light fixture is not what we see, we only perceive the beam of light. This creates a certain atmosphere or mood in the ceiling or on the wall.

Spotlights are not ideal in a bedroom or nursery. The light beam is too sharp for our eyes.