Light source type

Kitchen lighting

Which other room places such demands on lighting as the kitchen? Increasingly, it is no longer just the cut off space for a housewife, but more often part of an open plan living room or dining space, and thus also where family, friends and visitors meet. At the same time, the kitchen remains a place for work where we must see well. Rendl lights allow you to combine kitchen lighting sources to make the result elegant, representative and 100% functional at the same time.

One light is not enough

In addition, the lighting in the kitchen has to fulfill several functions. The kitchen units, work area and cooking area must be well lit, and the lady or lord of the house must also be able to see inside the cabinets what china to choose. It is ideal to choose a combination of fixed and positionable lights, which you can adjust to your current needs. The entire space should be illuminated by a combination of direct and indirect lighting.

Include a linear fixture or LED strips under the wall units

We should bear in mind that at the kitchen counter the chef usually stands with his back to the main light source, creating a shadow while working. The worktop should therefore have its own light - for example, installed under the wall units in the form of LED lights or LED strips. They have low power consumption and boast a long life. The same applies to other Rendl lighting products, linear lights that are particularly suitable for mounting under kitchen cabinets.

Even Christmas dinner mustn't be daunting

Thanks to the lamps above the dining table, even the smallest bones have to be clearly seen by the diners. At the same time, the lamps shouldn't glare the guests. Lamps are therefore recommended to be hung above eye level, and we should not forget the appropriate shades. Take a look at the Rendl pendant lights, which not only perfectly fulfill their function, but also contribute to the cozy atmosphere of family dinners with their elegance and decorative character.