Light source type
Ceiling lights

When we open the front door and turn on the light, we need a quick orientation. Therefore, we install high-power central lighting in halls or entrance areas, which we add to the ceiling - ceiling lights. It does not have to be striking in color or design, performance is the prime need. It can be square or round, the choice of material depends on our taste, it is important that it diffuses light well. Therefore, glass or plastic variants are most often produced. Energy saving LEDs are preferred. They have high power, low power consumption and a color temperature like a traditional light bulb. The purchase price of these LEDs is higher, but it pays off on your electricity bill.

Ceiling lights are often built into plasterboard. Rendl has a wide selection of recessed lights. They are available in two basic versions: either fixed or with tilt function. For tilting lamps, the angle of illumination can be directed to illuminate a specific spot, such as a cupboard in a hallway. Fixed lights shine downwards and serve mostly as the main light in a room. A current trends in ceiling lights is multiple reflectors on one base.

The most popular bathroom fixtures are ceiling LEDs, where you do not have to replace any bulbs. The bathroom is wet environment, so we need to pay special attention to safety. All lights in the bathroom should be protected by a splash-proof cover. Equipping the bathroom with appropriate lighting is not easy. We need a powerful light source with as faithful color rendering as possible close to the mirror, but also a weaker light to create the right bathing atmosphere where sharp light would disturb us.
Therefore, it is also handy to obtain a basic ceiling lamp, a powerful light with diffused light to illuminate the mirror and possibly spots for illuminating the cabinets.