Light source type

Modern living room lighting

The living room is most often used to relax, meet with family or receive visitors.
Sometimes you need to provide sufficient lighting for a festive event, sometimes you want to create a quiet atmosphere to relax or watch TV. Therefore, it is quite a difficult matter in terms of lighting.
In the living room, it is no longer enough to have only one central light in the ceiling, a combination of several types is recommended.
Central lighting is provided by the best-placed ceiling fixtures; suspended ceilings are recommended for rooms with sufficient ground clearance (more than 3 meters). Floor or wall lamps are then used either to increase reading levels (at least 200 lux requirement) or to provide an intimate atmosphere (for example, with indirect lighting). To create different light atmospheres, it is advisable to equip the room with a lighting control system (dimmers). Here too the appearance of the luminaires plays a very important role.

Pendents fit into a larger space, ideal for creative ideas, while also being more of an interior decoration feature. The color, shape or structure of the fabric plays a key role here, depending on the style you choose:
classic white spheres, colored glass shades, plastic cut-outs, chandeliers with beads in classic style or simple textile shades. Trends are natural materials such as wicker, bast, reed - or inspiration from the Orient.

At Rendl you can create your own living room collection with textile shades!

There is a large selection of textile shades in different colors and shapes, where the customer can create their own collection of lamps - table, floor, pendent and ceiling lights with textile shades in one design.
You can choose the size of shades from 150 mm to 600 mm, choose from a range of table and pedestal stands and use one of the suspension sets with a lamp holder for pendents.
You can choose from shades of polycotton textile, linen or mixed materials in a smooth or pleated design in a wide range of colors.