Light source type
Pendant lamps

work almost everywhere, can be suspended from the ceiling in most rooms.

Pendant lights fit in a larger space, are ideal for creative ideas and to create an intimate atmosphere in a living room or hall where we can no longer manage with just one central light in the ceiling. On the contrary, we should strive for more lights for different types of lighting, and the central pendant is then rather an interior decoration accessory. The color, shape, or texture of the fabric plays a key role here, depending on the style you choose.
You do not always have to place the pendant in the center of the room. The important thing is how you will use the room, which places you need to illuminate.

A dominant pendant fits into large living rooms with a high ceiling.
In the kitchen (Kitchen lighting), you need one main light for the entire space and another that will illuminate the dining table. It should always be a pendant and hang no more than sixty centimeters above the table top.
For your bedroom, choose a pendant with a concealed light source that provides indirect light and does not shine directly into your eyes even when you are lying in bed.
Today you can choose from many styles - classic white globes, colored glass shades, plastic cutouts, or textile shades with patterns.

Some pendants also include a cable support system that holds the weight of the light.
These designs allow for more spectacular fixtures as they are not restricted to having the power cable as the suspension, they are not limited by the weight of the lampshade. This makes for more spectacular lights, that can be made of heavier materials.

Such pendants are a design feature that can become the dominant piece in a room.