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Lamp collections

The current trend is to match lamps in the interior into one collection. If customers want to combine multiple collections and multiple fixtures together, they should appeal to an experienced architect. Otherwise, it may not succeed and the interior then looks unnecessarily chaotic and disorderly.
Collections or series are a popular part of Rendl's range of products, where you can buy many lights in complete series. “The ideal combination in the home is to have a table and floor lamp, wall and ceiling lights from the same series,” says Rendl store specialist. However, not all lights are manufactured in separate collections. But this is also solvable. “We are here to advise customers. If a lamp from one family is not available, we try to adapt the design to be in one common spirit. Or at least so that the lamps come from the same row or series. ”
Today, the trend is to match lamps in the interior in the same spirit or in a single collection, allowing customers to simply furnish the interior in one common design.

At Rendl you can create your own collection of lights with textile shades.

There is a large selection of textile shades in different colors and shapes, where the customer can create their own collection of lamps - table, floor, pendent and ceiling lights with textile shades in the same design and/or color. You can choose the size of shades from 150 mm to 600 mm, choose from a range of table and pedestal stands and use one of the suspension sets with a lamp holder for pendents.
You can choose from shades of polycotton textile, linen or mixed materials in a smooth or pleated design in a wide range of colors.

This gives you the opportunity to create a lamp collection to suit your taste!