Light source type

Commercial lighting

Modern and appropriate lighting is important not only in your home, but also in commercial premises. Thanks to suitably chosen lighting, customers can feel good in shops, for example. The right lights also complete the atmosphere and equipment of hotels. And thanks to well-chosen commercial lighting, even employee performance will increase in an office. A suitable office lamp is essential, but it is also important to illuminate the overall space. For example by using industrial LED lights, of which Rendl has a wide range.

The most popular element in commercial lighting is a track system, where Rendl has a really wide choice of components and individual lights. “The biggest advantage of a track system is that it is variable and adapts to every space. It is practical for all purposes. It can be mounted in the ceiling and suspended with cables at your preferred height”, sums up an expert from the Rendl store. The track system is available in three basic colors: black, white or silver. The tracks themselves are available in three basic dimensions at Rendl: one meter, two meters or three meters. “However, this is not the final component, as everything can be adjusted, extended or cut. The track system can basically be tailored to the customer”, explains the technician, with the willingness to advise everyone at Rendl. He also adds that shortening the tracks to measure is simple, individual parts can be cut with an ordinary hacksaw and every electrician can do it.

For commercial areas the "three-circuit track" is primarily used, on which you can control its lights on up to three switches. It does not have to shine all at once, it is possible to choose just the lights you want to light. The system can be variably used in a space and you can creatively play with the entire system so that there are illuminated places or objects as needed.
Rendl offer a wide range of different lights, in various designs and in the most modern design. Exactly so that your commercial space is not only beautifully lit, but also meets the most demanding aesthetic requirements.