What does "RED" stand for?

This part of the assortment is carefully selected for its quality, minimalistic design and short lead time.

Are "bulbs" included when buying lights?

Usually the light source (bulb) is sold separately. This due to the fact that there usually is a huge selection of luminosity, color temperature, angles, etc. You can of course add this when you order.

Which "bulbs" are dimmable?

It's possible to dim all halogen lights that are on 230V. Even some 12V halogen lights are dimmable, if the transformer is compatible. Even some LED-lights are dimmable.

Do I save power by using a dimmer?

Lights with a dimmer or which can be connected to an external dimmer, provide more than just a cozy environment. They also serve an economic purpose. The more you dim your lights, the more energy you end up saving.

Can I replace my current lights with LED?

LED is a technology that is under very rapid development. Simply put these are diods which should primarily be installed as orientational illumination, i.e. in hallways, sidewalk, etc. It is also a very good solution for decorative illumination. For general illumination, classic light sources, such as halogen lights are to be preferred.

Which type of lights can be installed in bathrooms?

The bathroom is an area with very specific requirements. This is something that one should take into account when choosing lights for this area. The bathroom is divided into sections with different IP-range requirements, where the lowest requirement allowed is IP21. For more detailed information please feel free to contact us.

Do "bulbs" have warranty?

Light sources (bulbs) are not covered by warranty since they are considered to be consumable goods.

What is the procedure for claims?

For claims, we ask you to bring the product along with the receipt for the purchase to one of our stores. After an approval it will be determined if the product can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

Is it possible to get discounts?

Yes, it is possible to get discounts with larger order placements, or after being a long term customer. Please contact one of our sales people for more details.